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Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  September 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

So, when I sold the vintage sofa and coffee table that was in my dining room recently I moved the floor lamp that had been in that corner into the living room, leaving this side of the room devoid of any lighting and a green-shaded floor lamp in search of a new home (likely the goodwill or craigslist if it was lucky).

But as I was finally getting around to cleaning up my house over the long holiday weekend, I put the basket that contains our shoes back where it has always lived next to the stairs and started thinking that I need something round in that corner between the basket and the chair. I thought about maybe a tall plant, but Jack would probably make a huge mess with the soil, or a small little garden stool, but that seemed rather pointless. And then I considered that this room gets awfully dark and the only light is the chandelier centered over the table and I decided yes, a floor lamp is definitely the way to go here. If only I had a spare lamp lying around. Oh wait, but I do! If only it didn’t look like it belongs in a dorm room. What could I do to class it up a bit? Oh, how convenient, I have this shade that I bought ages ago for another lamp that I have yet to get rewired! I tried it on and behold, it worked.

I’m not saying that it’s the most stylish lamp I’ve ever seen, but the new shade definitely lends it some gravitas it was sorely lacking before and it’s a functional addition to the space that doesn’t look half bad (and actually, aside from the lack of a swing arm it bears a striking resemblance to this $150 lamp from Crate & Barrel). I love when I can shop my house to find things that work without running out to buy more stuff, especially since I’m still searching for a couple of other things right now, like an ottoman or tall basket to slide under that sewing table and a special little armchair to flank the other side. My favorite spots in my house always take a while to pull together, so I’m trying for patience here.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! It’s back to the grind for us today but I’m definitely feeling relaxed and refreshed after a couple of days spent taking it easy and cleaning house!


Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


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