Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Happy Halloween, my friends! We’re hosting a playdate today to give the littles a chance to show off their costumes (or lack thereof) and give the mamas an excuse to socialize. I have a small project to share with you tomorrow, but in honor of Throwback Thursday I thought I’d let you in on some things you might not know about me (including a more modern fact or two). Without further adieu:

1. I went to public school. In Louisiana. The schools are actually pretty decent in St. Tammany parish but I’m still claiming street cred.

2. I was on a bowling team when I was a kid. My parents were on a bowling league so I joined a kids’ one. Too bad I couldn’t follow in their footsteps again when they abandoned bowling for darts (something about kids not being allowed in bars???)

IMG_20131031_0001 (408x570)

3. My first car was a seafoam green 1993 Geo Storm. I totaled it within a year. Judging by the photo below I was so excited that I drove it across town to my grandparents’ house with the bow still on top! PS it was a stick shift. My dad thinks everyone should know how to drive one.

IMG_20131031_0001 - Copy (570x409)

4. With a few exceptions (first semester of college, the first few months after Jack was born) I have had a job since I was 15. My first job was at a reception hall, then from 16-18 I worked at Sonic. My parents bought my car for me but I paid for my own gas, car insurance, cell phone, etc. I was a baller back when those were my only bills!

5. I used to have a serious lead foot. I got pulled over six times my first year on the road but didn’t actually get a ticket until my sixth time. I’ve also gotten a ticket in every parish between my hometown and Baton Rouge. But I’m proud to say that I’m reformed and have not gotten a ticket in over eight years!

6. I was in a fraternity. A coed honor fraternity, that is! Nick was in a real fraternity. It was like Animal House come to life (no offense TKEs!)

7. I used to smoke. I didn’t start until I was 20 (a rough breakup drove me to it) but I quit at 25. I still miss it sometimes, especially when I drink, but it was so hard to quit that I’ll never pick it back up again.

smoking (164x536)

8. I type with only my two index fingers-at about 65 words per minute!

9. I eat almost anything, but I don’t like bell peppers, pepperoni, or pretzels.

10. I didn’t fly on a plane until I was 22! My parents are pretty thrifty and always insisted we drive on vacations or to visit family. But after college my friend Lauren moved to Atlanta so I flew to visit her! Atlanta is only about 8 hours by car but it’s soooo much faster to fly.

So, any surprises? People are always shocked to hear that I used to smoke. I guess I just don’t look like “the type.” But honestly a lot of people in my family smoke so I’m kind of surprised I didn’t pick it up sooner. I ran with a pretty well-behaved crowd in high school that would have totally peer-shamed me if I’d tried to smoke around them. And I think it’s weird that I eat such a wide range of foods but don’t like pretzels or pepperoni, which it seems like everyone else loves.


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8 responses to Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. OK I totally didn’t know you don’t like pretzels or pepperoni…. Fun facts!!!

  2. I got my first ticket after my sixth time of being pulled over too! Loved this, haha!

  3. Love this post! Glad to know more interesting facts about you. We have two things in common: 1) My first car was also a stick shift. It was practically the only thing about me that impressed boys. A girl?! Driving a stick shift? Dad decided one morning to give me his commuter car right before I had to leave for school. I got a five-minute lesson, then he just said “Oh, you’ll figure it out.” So I drove myself to school in mountainous West Virginia and as luck would have it, got stuck behind my school bus so I probably stalled out 20 times on the way, but he was right. I figured it out. 2) I also had a serious lead foot when I first got my license until I was 19. I also totaled my first car. Then I figured out that speeding tickets were just ridiculously expensive, so I’ve been nine years without one.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap October 31, 2013 at 3:18 pm

      HAHAHA! OMG I am dying at the thought of just figuring out how to drive a shift stick on your way to school. You’re a champ!

  4. I have a hardest time believing the typing thing.

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