Family Photo Wardrobe Planning

I posted yesterday about using seasonal color analysis to dress everyone in my family. We’re taking family pictures this weekend and I of course wanted everyone to look nice. I started with a dress + cardigan ensemble that I wore to a wedding a few weeks ago and felt really comfortable in, then looked at Nick and Jack’s colors to see what I could pull together that would coordinate and complement. It’s super hard to find baby boy clothes that aren’t plastered in words, graphics, or logos. I can usually find cute (but kind of expensive) stuff at Baby Gap, but nothing fit the bill this time. Finally, I settled on this basic and super affordable romper from Amazon. I’m not crazy about the fit and I may even try to alter it a little bit, but the color (“banana”) is perfect. For Nick, I ordered this polo in lime. And because A) this dress is long enough that I need to wear heels, and B) we’ll be taking our pictures in a park, I sprung for a new pair of outdoor-friendly wedges for myself. They’re versatile enough that I can wear them with almost everything in my closet, and with the wedge heel I’m more likely to actually wear them than I am regular heels (though I still prefer flats). So anyway, this is what we’re wearing:

I’m pretty excited. This is our first formal photo session since Jack was born a year ago and I wanted to get some shots taken to commemorate this time for our family. Between this, Father’s Day, and the College World Series we’ve got a big weekend ahead! Hope y’all have a good one, see you Monday!

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