Dreaming of Summer

Wow, thank you all so much for your positive feedback on yesterday’s post! It’s obvious that the sentiment really resonated with many of you. I’m so glad to hear many of you giving yourselves permission to be imperfect and to follow your own bliss. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Moving on, it sure looks like spring outside here in south Louisiana, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it this week! It’s been just a tad too chilly for my taste, but every time I look out the window I get excited for the warm days to come. And I’ve been daydreaming about what Jack and I will be up to this summer. I’m envisioning visits to the pool and lots of time spent playing under the shade of our oak tree.

Jack already has two swimsuits thanks to my friend Anne who loaned me her son’s from last summer. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ll ever be pulling on a bikini again so a new suit is in order for me. I am super cheap about clothes and usually wear the same 1-2 suits for years and years so this is a major investment. Happily, I realized that I can save a few bucks by just getting a tankini top to pair with my old black bikini bottom.

Mossimo striped tankini

It’s HOT here in the summer and pool time is a must. I’ve got a couple of resources in mind for water play: Nick’s parents’ pool (an hour away), our friend Jane’s apartment complex (right down the street!), a galvanized tub filled with water in the backyard, and trips to the splashpad at a public park across town. I’m not sure how much sunbathing I’ll be doing (I guess that’ll depend on how mobile Jack is), but how perfect would this be for toting all the accoutrements needed to obtain a proper mama-tan?

Moda Bake Shop

I’ve been thinking of dryer days as well, and in fact I just ordered a wooden baby swing to hang from the oak tree out front. I can’t wait until it comes in! I’ve also been thinking of craigslisting the rarely-used rocking chairs on our front porch to make room for some outdoor toys for Jack. We don’t have a garage or carport to store a bunch of big bulky toys, but one or two favorites could be tucked in a corner of the porch-maybe a mini basketball goal or a toddler play gym, depending on his interests and abilities when his June birthday rolls around.

Spring and summer are my absolute favorite times of the year. I could happily spend the whole day outside basking in the fresh air and sunshine. I’m so so so excited to get to experience it with Jack this year! Isn’t it funny that pretty much everything I’m excited about has to do with motherhood? Although I’ve gotta say I’m looking forward to some refreshing summertime beverages as well. Maybe I’ll whip up some more of my fruity ice cubes-they can turn a glass of wine into instant sangria, or just perk up some iced tea or gingerale if I’m feeling tame. And hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll get some veggies planted in my garden-nothing like homegrown tomatoes! I hope those of you still seeing snow on the ground aren’t too jealous, and maybe all these thoughts of summer will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, haha. Happy Thursday!


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