Reupholstered Vintage Chair

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap  —  January 11, 2013 — 4 Comments

In the ongoing saga of my little dressing table project, the next necessary procurement was a chair. Because sometimes a girl just needs to have a seat.

Yesterday I brought this chair upstairs from our guest room. It goes with the vintage bedroom set in there (inherited from my grandmother on my dad’s side), but was just sitting in a corner unused.

My sister is actually the rightful owner of the bedroom set (I got Nanny’s diamond engagement ring, Shannon got the furniture), but she doesn’t have any space for it at her house and I am happy to babysit it indefinitely. A few years ago she reupholstered the seat with this purple fabric. I love me some purple but this just wasn’t doing it for me. Happily, Shannon said she didn’t mind if I replaced it. So I flipped the chair over and got to work.

006 (570x380)

Four screws later I had the seat removed. The staples were easy to pull out with a flat head screwdriver.

011 (570x380)

I was really encouraged by the pinkish-coral velvet I could see as I worked. I couldn’t remember what the chair looked like before she recovered it, but this velvet was promising.

Unfortunately, once I flipped it over I could see why she’d covered it up. No longer pink and not at all velvety, this fabric had seen better days.

016 (570x380)

I was really, really tempted to run out to the fabric store and look for some pink velvet, but it was raining cats and dogs all day yesterday and I really didn’t want to spend the money anyway. So I went through my fabric stash and found this yellow twill.

020 (570x380)

I’m not sure whether I’ll keep the yellow and I didn’t want to make any more holes in the old wood than necessary, so I just taped it on there for now. The tape was not particularly easy to work with, but it’s good enough.

021 (570x380)

Here it is screwed back onto the chair base. Pistachio observed for quality assurance.

024 (570x380)

I think the pop of color is kind of fun, but I’m not totally convinced that its here to stay. I’m also totally cringing at the sight of that window unit. I really, really need to make some curtains to cover it up.

028 (380x570)

I usually like to make my bed before letting it appear in photographs, but I slipped on our porch steps yesterday and hurt my back pretty bad. I’m still sore today. No way was I exerting myself to fluff the pillows and pull up the covers. Plus there was a baby in there, haha.

There’s no more procrastinating at this point-the only thing left to do is sort through all my stuff and organize it in the new drawers. I guess I’ll put that on my to do list for the weekend! Along with some much-needed yard work if the weather cooperates. It’s been raining practically all week so the weeds should come up easy! I hope y’all have a more exciting weekend planned, haha. I’d much rather spend my weekend lounging around with my boys and some Netflix, but the yard has reached a breaking point.


Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


4 responses to Reupholstered Vintage Chair

  1. Hope you’re back is feeling much better soon!

    Love the quick upholstery redo and yellow is one of my favorite colors. This is also a nice way to check how a fabric will look before redoing a lot of chairs, which I need to upholster. Great tip.

  2. 1. Love how the whole corner is turning out. Hooray for reclaiming unused spaces!

    2. My heart swelled at Pistachio’s quality assurance.

    3. Is Jack wearing his tuxedo? What a dapper little fellow - totally dressed to impress. Love!

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap January 16, 2013 at 1:12 pm

      Haha thanks! It’s a really a tuxedo t-shirt he got for Christmas. He is quite a dapper little fellow, indeed!

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