DIY Vintage Book Page Clothespin Magnets

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Friends and family have often suggested to me that I sell some of my craft projects on Etsy, but my response was always that I take too many shortcuts and am too sloppy in my work to feel good about selling anything handmade by yours truly. But after making (and selling) my chalkboard silver trays, I started to think that maybe it would be fun to come up with some very simple crafts using vintage stuff. Projects so simple that even I couldn’t mess them up. It’s probably not a smart business decision to publish a step-by-step tutorial on how to make something that I plan to sell in my shop, but I think these are just so adorable that I had to share.

decorate with book pages

Perhaps you’ve noticed by now how much I love to decorate with book pages, and clothespins are quickly moving up on the list of things I find charming, so this simple craft project using wooden clothespins and book pages is right up my alley. I started with a 1989 Reader’s Digest Condensed Book. I understand that some of you hardcore bibliophiles out there may be offended by my apparent mistreatment of a book, but keep in mind that it was 50 cents at an estate sale and likely headed for a landfill. The cover isn’t especially beautiful to me so I figure I might as well make something pretty out of the pages. I also gathered a pencil, small paint brush, mod podge, and some clothespins (duh).

First step: carefully cut or tear a page from the book and trace the outline of a clothespin lightly onto it. I didn’t want any blank space on my clothespins so I started inside the margin. Then I just moved my clothespin over and traced it again right next to the first one, repeating across the page.

Now cut along the lines you traced to get a bunch of little paper strips. I was able to get nine strips out of one page. If your book is taller you may be able to get two rows of paper strips, but mine was too short.

Next, I painted a thin layer of mod podge onto the front of the clothespin, laid a paper strip down, then painted more mod podge on top. I figured out I got the best seal by smoothing it down with my finger.

If the paper overlapped the edges I just smoothed it down along the sides. You could also trim with a sharp knife or maybe even tiny manicure scissors.

Bam. So easy.

To turn them into magnets, I cut small strips from this roll of magnetic tape I had left over from this project.

The adhesive wasn’t all that great and they kept rolling up, so I ended up using superglue to get ‘er done.

It would be fun to try to arrange them in order so you could read the paragraph! It’s like a puzzle!

clothespin crafts

How beautiful is that paper card I’ve got clipped to the fridge here? It was actually a thank you note I received recently. I loved the paper so much that I held onto it.

book page crafts

I’ll have a couple sets of these listed for sale in my shop sometime next week. Another bad business move: writing about something on your blog before it’s ready to sell! I’ve got a pretty good reason for waiting that I’m excited to tell you about on Monday. Have a fabulous weekend and stay warm!

Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap


9 responses to DIY Vintage Book Page Clothespin Magnets

  1. Super cute. I bet a vintage cookbook would be solid for these too.

    Also, your love of blueish/grayish/teal-y colors is showing (book cover, card, sissors, nail polish). :)

    • *scissors

      Boo spelling and all its sneaky silent letters.

    • Charlotte@Living Well on the Cheap November 9, 2012 at 12:33 pm

      Now I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for a vintage cookbook! And lol you are right, I do love me some blue/green/gray! If the yellow rug I was working right next to had made its way into any shots all of my favorite colors would have been represented!

  2. I would have cut paper a bit larger than the clothes pin. Put it on there and then when dry use a nail file or sandpaper to take it down to size. Then give it a second coat. You could also ink the edges.

  3. Janet (Country Mouse) November 10, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    I like it. Old newspaper or magazine pages could be used for those who can’t stand to cut up a book. Something with music notes would look nice too. There is a magazine called “Good Old Days” that would have some really nice vintage looking print and it is not slick paper.

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