Armoire Painted Chalkboard Message Area

You may remember from this post a few weeks ago that I’ve been wanting to paint a chalkboard message area on the side of my bedroom armoire, so I can leave myself inspirational messages that I’ll see first thing in the morning.

I figured this would be a great project to tackle while I figure out what to do with that blank canvas hanging above. I started by marking a rectangle shape in pencil on the side of the armoire (visible in the photo below if you squint real hard).

Then I picked up some chalkboard paint at Home Depot for about $10. I brought it home, stirred it up, and slathered on two coats.

I didn’t worry too much about the edges being perfectly even or straight, as I kind of liked the idea of it looking a little haphazard. I did as reccomended on the back of the can and waited three days, then used a piece of chalk (a box of 12 pieces was 89 cents at Office Depot) to “season” the whole board.

Then wiped it all off with a dry cloth and was left with this:

And, since I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, I knew exactly what I wanted to write on there to start out. Now this is what I see from my side of the bed each morning:

It says, “Do Justice, Love Mercy, Collect Beauty, Create Joy.” Sometimes I need a little reminder of what’s most important.

I don’t know why the instructions said to rub chalk all over to season the board, but my best guess is that it was to get into the nooks and crannies of the imperfect surface and prevent any scratching or permanent markings when it came to actually using the board for it’s intended purpose. It’s kind of an awkwardly shaped message area, being so tall and skinny, but I think that it’ll suit my purposes well. I’m really digging the message and am super proud of my little fleur de lis as well.

Someday, when we get upper cabinets on the range side of our kitchen, I’d like to add a message board there, too. I can see in my mind now a chalkboard square painted on the side of the cabinet and visible from the front door. What a great place to leave little pick-me-up messages! I’m really into words and need lots of encouragement, so this is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread in my mind.

11 Responses to Armoire Painted Chalkboard Message Area

  1. LOVE this too! You are so creative! I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint, was it pretty easy to use? And, thank you for the comment about your engagement and searching for the ring. I thought I was the only one. We sound too much alike :)

    • Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

      It was soooooo easy. Just like regular ol’ paint! And it goes a long way. I barely put a dent in the quart that I bought.

  2. It turned out so cute!

  3. My buddy Ben tried the same stuff and his came out just as great! His board is on the wall next to the kitchen, too so great minds must think alike :)

  4. Janet (Country Mouse}

    I am a vintage elementary school teacher. I’m sure smart boards are great, but you have to wait to load etc. White boards are horrible!!! I love an old black chalkboard. You can use it forever. Getting good chalk is not so easy. Always go for the better chalk as you did. The cheap stuff is dusty, sometimes almost waxy and skips, and it breaks off as you use it. I love your chalkboard and I’m looking for a space to put one. Nice message too.

  5. that. is. awesome. i had no idea such a thing existed

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